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Marc Sokol, PhD

Organizational psychologist, consultant, executive coach, writer and speaker on workplace dynamics for the past 30 years, Marc Sokol has worked with leaders and companies across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

  • Marc has coached a wide range of executives, and has worked with virtually every C-level leadership role reporting to the CEO.
  • Successful work with C-level senior leaders has created a variety of opportunities in which Marc has consulted to and partnered with Boards, CEOs, Presidents, Chairs and Vice-Chairs.
  • As a practice leader in a talent management-consulting firm, he led curriculum and consulting services development for a global team, expanding that firm’s capacity to provide leadership development services and coaching to clients.
  • Seasoned in a wide range of talent management services: executive coaching, assessment, 360 feedback, team development, succession, action learning, leadership development and organizational change, Marc has also managed client engagements across a wide geography.
  • Having been the leader of several business units himself, Marc has had the opportunity to practice what he believes and discover what really makes a difference, both in the US and as an expatriate business leader.

The combination of these experiences enables Marc to provide deep insight into individual effectiveness and how leaders at every level can increase organizational impact.

A diverse career as an organizational consultant

Marc has worked in large and small companies, in public and private sector, and was adjunct faculty to the psychology department at Rutgers University in New Jersey and the management department at Brooklyn Polytechnic in New York City. He has co-authored two books, Action Learning Guide: Real Learning, Real Results and Impact Without Authority: What Successful People Know, and has been a featured speaker at industry events.  He received his doctoral degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from the University of Maryland.

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