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Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

To stay competitive companies must strike the right balance between maximizing today’s operations with preparing for the future.

Sage Consulting Resources has been a partner to successful change efforts, helping leaders and teams discover how to convert strategy into action.

We facilitate the work of teams, design meetings so productive work occurs, and support leaders so that strategic goals can be achieved within a timely manner.

To achieve your goals, we help three things to occur:

1.   Alignment: 

    • Gain clarity of what matters most, including vision, strategy, and the distinctiveness that makes your business special.
    • Articulate how the parts should fit together.

2.   Collaboration:

    • Address the competing values that often sit just below the surface of any change effort.
    • Identify new behaviors that will be necessary for greater effectiveness.

3.   Engagement:

    • Foster a passion for performance.
    • Take a vision that is accepted by your core group and get others to feel that same commitment and benefit of new ways of working together.

But it’s not that simple.  Driving change…

  • Doesn’t follow a ‘one size fits all’ formula; there is no guidebook that guarantees success.
  • Requires a sequence of steps unique to each situation: sometimes you have to increase engagement or collaboration before you can create alignment; other times alignment to a new vision is the reason for collaboration.
  • Is more than leadership coaching, more than meeting facilitation, and more than team development, but draws upon all of those as needed.
  • Is about working in close partnership with a leader and their extended team to make the right things happen.

After all, you don’t believe you can get your business to the next level by following some ‘cookbook’ approach, do you?


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