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Financial Executives

Financial Executives

Investment Services.

Financial Executives 1

For several years I have coached a senior financial executive (member of the CEO’s senior management committee).  I provide personal insight and foster career development, and have been a key resource as this executive has transitioned to increasing levels of responsibility, both in the USA and abroad.  At different times I have helped this executive work more effectively with the CEO, the COO and the Board of Directors.

Retail Banking.

Financial Executives 2A very high-energy executive was hired to lead the turnaround of a large business unit.  I was asked to be his coach, both to foster his on boarding and to help him adapt to the organizational culture.  Early in this work I was able to accurately predict where his personal style would hamper his desire to foster change, and then worked with him to create and implement a strategy for increased impact.  Where other executives once had serious concerns about the style and culture fit of this executive, he is now seen as a key leader across the organization.