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Custom Programs

Custom Programs

Building Programs that Make a Difference 

If you are a manager attending a leadership development program, what really matters most is what you are able to do next.

It is great to spend a day or more networking, thinking about different ways to lead, seeing a new tools or a framework, or analyzing a compelling business case, but the acid test is what you can actually do with time you invest in development.

If you run the training department, you balance having the right curriculum against an efficient delivery mechanism, and both of these against timely delivery in sync with the business.   You have to be responsive to the business today while building capabilities for tomorrow.

At Sage Consulting Resources, we design learning with the end in mind; with an eye toward application and action.

Over the years we have developed scores of programs – from brief single topic sessions to six-month multi-module programs delivered across the world.

Our approach is to:

  • Understand the business demands for performance that give rise to specific needs for development.
  • Use insight tools and inventories to permit individual and group learning.
  • Facilitate dialogue and discovery about leadership style for personal awareness and in contrast to others.
  • Paint a picture of the choices and tensions that drive some leaders to perform one way or another.
  • Create job aids and simple tools that help managers use the insights of any specific topic.
  • Enable leaders to see themselves as agents of higher impact across the business.

We advise Talent Management and Training Departments how to maximize their time and resources, and how to increase their own impact within the organization.

We design learning experiences.

We facilitate learning and link it to real life at work.

We anticipate the challenge of sustaining new behavior and create opportunities to reinforce the actions that really make a difference.


After all, you want your training investment to make a difference, don’t you?